A Reading Plan

Reading a book is a challenge. It requires a steady focus and deliberate intention to sit at one place, suppressing your own thoughts and allow the book speaks to you. The state of reading itself is a skill, which means you can always improve.

While it is hard to read, I began to realize that managing what you’ve read also, hard.

If you’re someone who always forgot things like me, you had to “track your progress”, “track your checkpoint”, “making sure you have notes”, “reflection of those notes”, “making sure you don’t have duplication”, and “cross-reference cause there’s similar concept but different word or perspective”.

It just, a lot.

Since I really love collecting information and aswell just enjoy reading. I want to make sure my reading experience not that bad. After all you don’t want to build friction at things you want to reinforce (or doing long term).

Duh, The Plan

So I build an plan to solve this issue.

The plan goes like this:

  1. You have your own library with your own personal touch.
  2. You use that library to plan your reading session.
  3. You schedule that reading session in your daily life.
  4. You commit to that schedule.
  5. You’ll end up reading so fast, you will have to reflect fast.
  6. Reflection end up as a Permanent Notes.
  7. And repeat…

The idea was to build a system or habits that can stick.