At this moment, I’m working at FAR Capital as a Technical Marketer.

I handled bunch of stuff that required digital analytics, and product/growth.

Check out my portfolio:

  1. Growth:
    1. A Learning Platform for Property Enthusiast and Beginner- I manage the product experience and growth.
    2. A Growth Analytics Agency - Did a bunch content for them and refining their Value Proposition.
    3. A POS System for Home-based/Small Business - I currently freelancing here, doing performance marketing and aswell Growth in general.
  2. Business:
    1. A Retail-Focus Digital Activation Agency - This has been my dearest business that I tried to build, still jalan but tough road man haha
      1. But if you are a business with a brick and mortar operation, that wanted to increase sales through digital marketing, but always have issues to do that previously? You might need digital activation first. Hit me up